Nebraska Electronic Liens & Titles (ELT)

The History of ELT in Nebraska

In 2009, the Nebraska legislature passed a bill mandating the development of an electronic title and lien system (ELT). Nebraska began work on the program in 2010 and and initiated a final pilot with a single lender on October 4, 2010. Other lenders began participating with the program in stages later that year.

Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) worked closely with Nebraska providing both advice and testing throughout the development process.

Two key innovations were included in the program. First, a public title check would be made available, allowing lenders or owners to check on the current status of a title. Second, Nebraska decided that rather than requiring participation in the ELT program, they would allow it to be optional. However, they determined to cease printing paper titles with liens as part of the lien notation process. The DMV would instead allow lenders to make their own determination to participate in ELT simply based on the lender's opinion of the benefits of the ELT program.

In May 2011, Nebraska introduced another innovative feature: allowing lenders to convert paper or non-ELT electronic titles to ELT.

As of July 2013, in addition to Nebraska, 17 other states have implemented electronic lien and title programs. They are Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Each state's program is unique depending on state laws and requirements, but all ELT programs significantly improved the lien and title process. Now bankers, credit unions, dealers, and other financial institutions no longer need to store and file paper titles. Lenders can electronically secure and release liens on titles using a web application developed by Decision Dynamics, Inc. called Premier eTitleLien™.

Premier eTitleLien™ was originally developed as a result of a partnership with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and the South Carolina Banker's Association to serve the various needs of lenders. This lender-designed program allows lenders to maintain control of their vehicle collateral while incorporating the benefits of electronic processing and communication.

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